White Shell Pearl Cuff Bangle

Rs. 4,499

Cuff bracelets are one of the easiest accessories to add and make a statement with. This 22kt gold dipped and pearl studded delight is powerful and a sassy armour to go about your day or dress up for an occasion. The easiest way to style it is by wearing it with your crisp shirts or summer dresses and finishing the look with a simple pair of stud earrings. The oversized bracelet is inspired by the sculptural moves of the mobius strip where the shells hold the dreamy pearls. The ivory and gold combination lend the perfect summer vibe.

Adjustable (Fits most size 5.588 CM – 7.112 CM) Motif Size L 1.524 W 1.524 Cm

NOTE : Not applicable for return, can be exchanged within collection

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