Virgo Essential Oil Roll On

Rs. 1,799
"I trust my destiny and acknowledge the beauty around" For all the Virgos out there, bask in harmony and feel the warmth around you. Take a moment to see everything that is good and feel grateful for the present. Zodiac Sign: Virgo What Makes You Unique: You're a hard-worker and are always humble. You're known for your patience and the faith people have in you, but you do not offer yourself the same kindness. Birthstone: Peridot Stone Benefits: Peridot helps in being open to new experiences and surrendering to the moment. It enables you to be in the moment and accept your feelings. Oil Blend: Ylang Ylang, Lemon, Rosemary, Peppermint Oil Benefits: A refreshing combination that stimulates a beautiful balance within you. It helps you instil feelings of harmony, joy and release negativity. Where to Apply: Rub the roll-on on your pulse points - behind the ears, or on your wrists. Your Personal Mantra: It's time to let go Wellness Tip: Wear this after a hectic day or mix it in the bath to experience the scent for long


Size -  10ml

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