Star Of Citrine Ring

Rs. 1,450

We believe that charms are a fun way to express yourself. This beautiful ring with a star motif and Citrine cham is an endearing accessory when you want to portray the joyful side of you.

This ring is inspired by the strength that lies in the nature. Citrine, a gemstone that attracts abundance and enhances confidence is the most alluring part of this ring. It is used in its raw and uncut form to inculcate grounding and true beauty and the star motif is a dreamy addition. Together, this combination is an essence of the modern woman.

Pair it with your casual outfits and carry it along for your adventures to have fun in style.


Care Instructions -

Avoid Contact With Moisture And Direct Spray Of Perfumes.

Store Away After Use In Box Or Pouch Provided.

Prevent Entangling Of Chains To Avoid Breakage And Scratching.

Wipe With A Clean, Dry Cloth As Required.


Product Details -

Ring size 6

L 0.2 inches 

W 0.2 inches 

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