Power of Stone Citrine Charm - Zariin

Rs. 899 Rs. 999

Designed on the lines of signature Zariin look is this charm that holds a raw uncut Citrine which is beautifully lined with crushed metal along the natural contours of the stone. The charm adds a unique look to your jewelry piece and celebrates the character of the gemstone.
Citrine is known as the Merchant’s Stone for it is the stone of success!Emanates positivity and joy. Wear when you want to attract wealth, prosperity and success. Enhance self expression, self esteem and confidence. Balance emotions and control mood swings. Stimulates digestion. Helps in kidney and bladder related issues. Stimulates Solar Plexus Chakra.

*Choose a bracelet or chain to add this charm to. Please note this is an individual charm and the chain and bracelet need to be purchased separately.

Size - L 0.8 W 0.6 inches

Base Material - Brass

Finish - Gold

Stone Type - Citrine

Color - Yellow

NOTE : Not applicable for return, can be exchanged within collection

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