Pisces Essential Oil Roll On

Rs. 1,799

"My strength comes from within and no matter what, I keep going" For the gorgeous Pisces souls, this oil will take you on a trip to vibrating at a higher frequency and healing from what haunts you. Find what makes you stronger and let go of what holds you back. Zodiac Sign: Pisces What Makes You Unique: You live in your fantasy world and have are highly imaginative & optimistic. You're intuitive and express your emotions openly. But sometimes, you tend to get over-sensitive. Birthstone: Labradorite Stone Benefits: Labradorite is used as a protective gemstone to keep one away from negativity. It is also known to heal the mind and stimulate a spiritual flow of energy. It offers a refreshing state instilling enthusiasm and joy within. Oil Blend: Tea Tree, Lemon, Lavender, Rosemary Oil Benefits: Lose yourself in a world of calmness and peace with this oil. It is revitalizes your body and your mind, adding a boost of energy and strengthening intuition. Where To Apply: Rub the roll-on on your pulse points - behind the ears, or on your wrists. Your Personal Mantra: Embrace all that is you Wellness Tip: Indulge in a self-care routine and use this as a natural energizer. On days you feel low, wear this for an instant mood uplift.

Size -  10ml

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