Butt Chique


Rs. 999

Take your sheer and delicate clothing out for a spin and go braless with Pasties! Our stick-on pasties ensure complete coverage for the nipples, are easy to apply and sweat-proof. 

– One Size Fits All

– One Time Use

– 100% Cotton

– Sweat-proof

– Waterproof

– Safe to Use Directly on Skin

– Maximize support with Body Tape

 Available in 4 colors: Sand, Cinnamon, Coco, Black

 How to Apply :

– Clean and dry your skin.

– Directly place over the nipples.

– Gently pat to ensure it sticks to your skin.

– Pair with Body Tape to maximize support and coverage.

– If any redness or irritation occurs, immediately discontinue use.

 How to Remove :

– Completely coat the product with oil or lotion. Wait for at least 5 minutes.

– Gently and slowly peel pasties away from your body. Use more lotion or oil if needed.

– Do not rip it off like a band aid.

– Dispose off the used pasties responsibly.

Dos and Don'ts :

– Do not wear the pasties for more than 10 hours. The Pasties should ideally be worn for 6-8 hours.

– Do not wear the pasties in prolonged heat or under direct sun exposure.

– Do not apply for 2 consecutive days in a row.

– Not suitable for delicate, thin or sensitive skin.

– Not suitable for pregnant, breastfeeding or lactating women. Don’t use it before 7 months postpartum.

– Not suitable for diabetic or pre-diabetic women.

– Not suitable for sunbathing.

– If you’re experiencing itching, redness, swelling or any discomfort, immediately remove the product and consult a doctor.

NOTE : Not applicable for exchange or return


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