Leo Essential Oil Roll On

Rs. 1,799
"I am built for great things" Leos, you bunch of beauties, this collection awaits you. Push the negativity away so that you have room for positivity. Unleash your potential and know you're capable of anything. Zodiac Sign: Leo What Makes You Unique: You have a big heart and your compassion is what drives people towards you. You're generous in every sense but can be over-protective and jealous when it comes to your loved ones. Birthstone: Black Tourmaline Stone Benefits: Diminishes a negative sense of self and stimulates an emotional cleanse. It enhances your self image and drives you towards your goals. Oil Blend: Clove, Cinnamon, Orange Oil Benefits: Welcome positivity and strength for yourself. This oil helps you let go of things that no longer serve your purpose and gives you a chance to embrace the things that do. Where To Apply: Rub the roll-on on your pulse points - behind the ears, or on your wrists. Your Personal Mantra: Seek Magic Everyday Wellness Tip: Perfect for those days when you feel exhausted and drained. A good medium for cleansing your aura.


Size -  10ml

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