Gemini Essential Oil Roll On

Rs. 1,799
"I am worthy and I am loved" For you amazing Geminis, a rejuvenating experience lies ahead. Get a boost of freshness that uplifts you. Embrace the positivity around you and know you are wonderful. Zodiac Sign: Gemini What Makes You Unique: You are great with people and always the intellectual in every room. You love to keep your options open and try different things, but find it hard to stick to one. Birthstone: Aquamarine Stone Benefits: Aquamarine is associated with emotional balance and resolving conflicts through communication. It is the bearer of peace and helps one let go of negative feelings. Oil Blend: Jasmine, Cinnamon, Rosemary, Chamomile Oil Benefits: This powerful blend gives you an instant refreshment, while making you bask in positivity. It enables a sense of balance that works well in relationships. Where To Apply: Rub the roll-on on your pulse points - behind the ears, or on your wrists. Your Personal Mantra: Focus on the good Wellness Tip: Apply it after an exhausting day or every time you feel anxious


Size -  10ml

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