Chunks of Style Necklace

Rs. 6,500

We combine our love for links, uncut stones and long necklaces to craft this uber stylish necklace which will always transcend trends and seasons. A long necklace like this one is a forever favourite as it takes care of your accessorising needs almost everytime. Wear it long or double it up for a layered effect. The necklace works fabulously with your shirts, dresses and blouses. The 22kt gold dipped piece works with any multi-faceted wardrobe- be it your crisp, well cut formals or handlooms.


Care Instructions -

Avoid Contact With Moisture And Direct Spray Of Perfumes.

Store Away After Use In Box Or Pouch Provided.

Prevent Entangling Of Chains To Avoid Breakage And Scratching.

Wipe With A Clean, Dry Cloth As Required.


Product Details -

Length 36 Inches

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