Aquarius Essential Oil Roll On

Rs. 1,799

 "I am a magnet for success and balance" Dearest Aquarius, we want you to give in to your desires and passion. Feel the energy that builds happiness and joy within you. Let your strength drive you towards success. Zodiac Sign: Aquarius What Makes You Unique: You prefer being calm and sensible and that is what makes you exceptional. You're optimistic and believe in yourself but you need to be open to other's opinions too. Birthstone: Garnet Stone Benefits: Garnet is a stone for attracting success and prosperity. It allows you to channel your energy into working on your goals. It instills a boost of inspiration that helps you in your endeavours. Oil Blend: Jasmine, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Frankincense, Rose Oil Benefits: A beautiful amalgamation that stimulates desire and passion within you. Find calmness and ground yourself to re-energize and move towards success. Where To Apply: Rub the roll-on on your pulse points - behind the ears, or on your wrists. Your Personal Mantra: You've got what it takes Wellness Tip: Wear this on a date night or when you need some inspiration.

Size -  10ml

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