Build Your Own Denim Jacket

Hip-hop is now serving as a major source of inspiration in the fashion world.

It is an influential genre that has formed a complete sub-culture around fashion and hence these hip hop culture inspired denim jackets. Lately, denim with patches has become a trendy style and it highlights a more glitzy fashion. They will never go out of style, whatever season you wear it, these hand painted denim jackets can be your go to outfit. The best part about these jackets is that you can get it customised. You can choose the denim color, the patch, quotes or any hashtags, your favourite icon (Kanye, Drake, Rihanna) and you can even get your initials customised on the jacket as well.

What else do you need in a wardrobe staple? 

You can wear them during your casual day outs or dinner dates. You can pair them with anything from your maxi dress to your basics like a white t-shirt & jeans combo.

Just throw your denim jacket on top of your fav dress and you are sure to turn heads. These jackets can be worn with flowing silhouettes like skirts and trousers. A denim on denim look looks stunning too and its my favourite style to go to. Denim jackets are a great wardrobe essential and its time y’all invest in a new denim jacket.


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