Professional tips by celebrity stylist, Ami Patel, to get you the picture-perfect look this Spring!

So, you’ve got the dress you’ve been waiting for all season? Feels great, doesn’t it? However, if what accessories to pair with which outfit is something that’s been giving you nightmares lately, read on to find out how you can pair them up effortlessly with Sitch’s styling hacks.

1. Bias Panel Drape Shorts from Lola by Suman B

First stop, we’ve got Bias Panel Drape Shorts with duchess satin strip details from Lola by Suman B. It makes for a perfect outfit when paired with a plain white cami or an oversized shirt. Slip your feet into white boots to complete the look. Get the look here 


  1. Marsala Neckstole Gown from Lola by Suman B

    Next, we have season’s bestseller - Marsala Neckstole Gown. This effortlessly elegant gown is all that you need to make an evening jamboree or dinner special. The gown is tailored to fit you perfectly; pair it with heels or flats and let the silhouette do the work. Order yours here


  1. Dijon Straight Trousers from Lola by Suman B

    These chic but elegant trousers and a crop top are all that you need for your casual shopping days. Pair them with Lola by Suman B’s Dijon Cold Shoulder Top to complete your stunning evening look. Slip into white sneakers for day outings and black stilettoes for glamorous evenings. Buy it here

    4. Onion Detailed Jumpsuit from Lola by Suman B

    Bored of wearing all same kind of gowns to your night-outs? Here’s something to add a different style (and a pretty colour) to your wardrobe; get yourself, Lola, by Suman B’s Onion Detailed Jumpsuit! Flaunt it with heels or flats to steal the show. Shop this look here

5. Ash Lavender Maxi from Lola by Suman B

Relive your Summer mood with Lola by Suman B’s Ash Lavender Maxi - a great pick for the days you want to get all glammed without having to put in the effort of actually dressing up. Style it with flats and a floral turban scarf and let the silhouette do the talking. Make this beauty yours; order it here