Bling This Festive Season

Diwali is just around the corner and you have nothing contemporary to wear? Don’t worry, we have your back. As we decoded a fashion trick where one can still be ahead of the curve while donning basics to the party. How? Make your basic clothing bling by the right choice of accessories. The power of accessories is vigorous so amp up your styling game and get through the Diwali night by flaunting your basics flawlessly.
We have rounded up our top accessories which will glitz your basics and make you rare in the crowd.

Gold Handcuff
Adorn your wrist with our inclusive gold handcuff designed with Greek botanical motifs and a pinch of Itranos intricate metal texturing and weaving. So, it’s a moment to show off and level up your style quotient in a jiffy.

Honeycomb Ring
Displaying the beauty of handcrafts, we came up with our classiest Honeycomb ring. The semi-precious stone ring features a bee on the top to raise the fashion game. Be the fashion nova by underlining the strong style statements around and leaving people awestruck.

Geometric Gold Earrings
We understand how close a pair of earrings is to a woman’s heart. That’s why we curated a bedazzling pair of gold earrings that will personify your classic personality around. The unique design and alluring feel will make your hearts swipe right to our Geometric Gold Earrings.

Bee Bracelet
Just like the name the design is rare and incredible. Imbibing pearl and semi-precious stone, making it super dapper to wear. Stand with poise and class by brandishing bee bracelet this Diwali party.

Moulin Rouge Ring
Falling emphasis on your fingers, we assembled reds, fuchsias, and purple and curated this ring. This piece of art is not only the style enhancer but surely the attention grabber.

Tourmaline Earrings
Bring together your look by an astounding pair of Tourmaline Earrings. The geometric frame and the chain builds the chique vibe of the jewel. Making it extraordinary, the choice of tourmaline stone was made.


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