Are you getting ready for your next trip? If yes, I am sure you are thinking about what to pack and what to wear when heading out to the airport aka airport looks. Be it a long-haul or short-haul flight, comfort is everything. So for your next trip, we’re offering you comfort by combining sport and casual outfits. Look comfy and classy as you hit the airport with

Sucker For Love Tee

Sucker for love”- Aren’t we all? This has become my new go to. It’s such a versatile piece that can be worn casual or dressed up and can be worn all year round! If you want to pull off that cool , athletic look then this one is definitely for you. Pair it up with denim/leather skirt for a chic look.

Blue Shirt With Black Fringes

I personally love this playful yet feminine multipurpose outfit that can be worn as a dress and as a shirt. Add some tassel to your casual wear and workwear and make it stand out with this blue button-down outfit. I love this because I can relax and stay comfortable in it but I also feel put together and stylish in it.

Sarto Chill Pill Shirt

It is a classic. It is something that you can wear for every season, at any age. It is pretty stylish when paired with a simple jeans and sheltered by an oversized tailored coat. You can never go wrong with this kind of combination!

Rigu Pink Check Blazer

If you enjoy dressing feminine then this stylish blazer will be right for you. This blazer with Rigu’s pink check pants is also a perfect set of what to wear to the airport in the winters. Airport chic and practicality can go hand in hand.

Aruni Oversized Denim Jacket

This chic and comfy denim jacket is perfect for traveling! You absolutely need nothing else with this outfit but just a pair of white sneakers that will make you look stunning during the flight. Perfect for keeping you cosy and looking stylish on a cold flight.


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